P112 Downloads


This is the P112 Downloads page.  For Stack180 downloads, click here.

Note: If there's a link, you can download it.  For special configurations (including P112 images) e-mail a request to: terryg@stack180.com

File Date Description
P112 EEPROM 30 Jan 2017 Vers 5.8 - Zipped, HEX & BIN files.  Includes 4-Port LAN driver.
P112 System Disk 30 Jan 2017 Zipped Boot Floppy image for RAWREAD
P112 CF Image 30 Jan 2017 Zipped CF Image (5 partitions) for Disk Imager

- The posted EEPROM file is the latest version available.  Modifications from v5.7 were to support higher clock rates and faster CPUs.  Unless your P112 has a 33MHz CPU, there is no advantage or need for installing this ROM code.   David has been shipping v5.7 since early 2015.

- The P112 CF Image contains modifications that are incompatible with previous versions of the System Disk.  This version contains all 5 partitions and is used with the Win32 Disk Imager to create a Boot CF module with all 5 partitions.  It also contains all necessary code support for the LAN-based Terminal and Printer.  The floppy image is a simple boot floppy with utilities.

- Both disk images (Floppy and CF) contain the new EEPROM burning utility in A1:.  The file A1:EEPROM.COM is the burner, A1:EEPROM.BIN is the new code file, and A1: OLDEPROM.BIN is the code read from the EEPROM prior to burning.  This code has only been tested to work with the Atmel 29C256 EEPROM.  It definitely does not work with the AM28F256, which was delivered with the 2013 batch of P112 kits.