Stack180 Downloads


This is the Stack180 Downloads page.  For P112 downloads, click here.

Note: If there's a link, you can download it.  For special configurations (including P112 images) e-mail a request to:

File Date Description
Stack180 EEPROM 16 Oct 2012 Distribution Version 2.04.01 of 9 Sept 2012.
StackOS Image 17 Oct 2012 StackOS - 5-Parition image for Win32 Disk Imager
StackBP Image 31 Jan 2013 Stack B/P - 5-Partition image for Win32 Disk Imager
Stack-180 User Manual 11 Sep 2012 Zipped PDF file.  Still more to add, but getting there. 
XPORT & LCD Adapter 22 Sept 2010 Zipped PDF file.  Assembly, Test, and Errata
2MB Ram Expansion 12 Feb 2012 Zipped PDF file.  Assembly, Test, Building BIOS RamDisk
XPORT LAN Printing 06 Nov 2010 Zipped PDF.  How to configure the XPORT for LAN printer
- The "Stack180 EEPROM" file contains both HEX and BIN versions.
- The "StackOS Boot Image" and "B/P BIOS Boot Image" files are for use by the EEPROM Loader.
- All downloads are in ZIP format.
- The Schematics were split off from the User Manual because of their size and the need for frequent updates to the User Manual.
- The StackOS and StackBP images are used with Win32 Disk Imager to create a CF module with the entire 5-partition distribution.  It includes a description of the BootSet EEPROM commands in a separate file.  You must also download and install the Stack180 EEPROM code, version 4.04 or higher, to use the BootSet options.  There have been modifications to the configuration information passed from the EEPROM to the OS, so you cannot use EEPROM 2.04 (or higher) with any previous StackOS or StackBP versions.