Stack180 Services


To place an order:  Send an e-mail to this site, detailing the specific items you want to order and the USPS delivery address.  Within a day, you will receive a reply that details the total cost of your order, including shipping and payment information.  Payment can then be made via PayPal for all orders, or personal check/MO (for US orders only.)  The order will be shipped when payment is confirmed.  All products are on hand, ready for immediate shipping.

P112-GIDE products are still available - go here.


Price (1)


Stack180 CPU Kit $110 Complete CPU kit, including 1MB fast static RAM (already installed.) Includes serial terminal I/O.  29.4912MHz, 0 wait state operation.  Very fast, general purpose CPU.
Stack180 Dual GIDE Kit $65 Complete Dual GIDE (4 IDE devices) kit.  Mounts under Stack CPU.  See Note (4) regarding software.
Stack180 Mainboard Kit $155 Mainboard kit.  Mounts directly in an ATX case.  Includes RTC, 16-level interrupt system, Quad UART, 4 expansion slots.  Provides mount point for D-GIDE and CPU boards.
Mainboard Option - USBWiz $75 Adds USB I/O to the mainboard.  Can be used with FAT-based SD Card or USB Thumb Drive.
Mainboard Option - XPORT AR $85 Adds LAN-based I/O to the mainboard for LAN-based Terminal I/O.
Mainboard Option - HEX LED $40 Dual HEX display unit - aid to troubleshooting and programming.
Mainboard Option - IDE/Floppy Adapter $15 PC-AT IDE/Floppy Adapter board.  Includes cables.  Can operate in Mainboard Slot3 or Slot4.  Uses 1.44MB HD diskettes.
XPORT and LCD Adapter $50 Requires downloads for EEPROM and StackOS.  Driver for B/P BIOS not available.  Also adds 8-bit LED display - used in same manner as the HEX LED.
2MB Memory Expansion $50 Mounts on top of CPU board.  Adds 2MB of static RAM.  Assembled & Tested.
CF-IDE Adapter with CF module $20 Includes your choice of OS - B/P BIOS or StackOS.
Second CF module $10 'Other' OS.
USB Thumb Drive $15 Carries all software, both OS models.  Requires Mainboard with USBWiz.
CPU board assembled/tested (2) $20  
D-GIDE board assembled/tested (2) $20  
Mainboard assembled/tested (2) $35  
US Shipping: USPS Priority $10 Includes insurance and tracking #
Non-US Shipping: USPS Global Priority $20 No insurance, no tracking #, no guarantees - See note (3)
Non-US Shipping: USPS Global Express $35 Includes insurance and tracking # - See note (3)


(1) Kit prices (US $) do not include shipping.  The final cost will include USPS shipping with tracking number and insurance, via Priority Mail.  Shipping outside the US is somewhat higher will vary with the shipping destination.  In both cases, you will be charged the shipping cost listed above.

(2) "Assembled and Tested" does NOT mean plug it in, turn it on, and away you go. You will still have to install it in a case, add a power supply, connect drives and cables, configure the BIOS for your drives, and integrate the terminal. What it DOES mean is that everything will work as advertised; support will be provided as necessary for you to complete the integration of your drives and terminal.

(3) USPS Global Priority works well - I've had no problems with several completed shipments.  Global Express is offered for those that want the insurance.  It's also advertised to be a little faster.

(4) Software can be supplied on media appropriate to the hardware being purchased, either on a CF module (CPU + D-GIDE) or a USB Thumb Drive (mainboard + USBWiz) - both media are available.  Contact TG Consulting for details.