SmallZ80 Update Log


17 Dec 2018
The SmallZ80 User Manual has a minor update that reflects comments received from builders.
9 Dec 2018
The SmallZ80 is now shipping.  User Manual, CF Image, and distribution EEPROM HEX file are posted.  A scan of the production PCB is here
14 November 2018
We've finalized the design and system configuration.  The main CPU Oscillator has been set to 20MHz with the UART and Slow speed CPU Oscillator at 14.7456MHz.   The mainboard serial ports are fully operational and reliable up to 460,800 baud, which makes for a lightening fast terminal.  The Expansion board serial ports can operate up to 921,600 baud, primarily intended for communicating with the LAN processor for LAN-based terminal and printer I/O.
Pricing data will be updated within a few days, leading to taking advanced orders and PCB production within the week.
30 October 2018
The Rev E0 CPU board is tested and updated to the final Rev E1 configuration.  Production boards will be ordered within two weeks.  The current oscillator configuration is a 25MHz high speed  system oscillator and a 14.7456MHz UART oscillator, which will also supply the CPU low speed clock.  This configuration will allow baud rates up to 921,800 baud for blazing fast display updates.  A new User Manual and CF image have been posted in the download area.
10 October 2018
The Software/Firmware is undergoing rapid development.  The latest CF and Floppy images, EEPROM Code, and User Manual were recently posted.
21 September 2018
Development continues on the SmallZ80 system.  The final hardware configuration is fairly well developed, with a few minor issues remaining.  A new PCB will be forthcoming soon, which will then be made available to hobbyists.
23 August 2018
The SmallZ80 has completed the initial design and testing phases, and is shifting into more widespread testing.  A few prototype kits are available for the adventurous.  The Floppy + 2S expansion board is now entering the test and software development process.  The SmallZ80 CPU board measures about 6.5" wide x 5" front-to-back.  Adding the dual CF adapter widens the footprint to about 9".  The entire system is powered by a 5v, 2.5A wall wart transformer.
The LAN option replaces the Terminal and Printer serial I/O ports with a TCP232-E embedded serial-to-Ethernet module.  With the LAN option, Terminal I/O runs at 230,400 baud with CTS/RTS handshaking for nearly instantaneous terminal display updates.  LAN-based Printer I/O runs at 115,200 baud without handshaking.
Here's a scan of the SmallZ80 Rev D0 PCB:




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