SmallZ80 Services


To place an order:  Send an e-mail to this site, detailing the specific items you want to order and the USPS delivery address.  Within a day, you will receive a reply that details the total cost of your order, including shipping and payment information.  Payment can then be made via PayPal for all orders, or personal check/MO (for US orders only.)  The order will be shipped when payment is confirmed.  All products are on hand, ready for immediate shipping.


Price (1)


SmallZ80 CPU Kit $145 Complete CPU kit, including 544KB of static RAM and 32K of EEPROM, Serial terminal I/O hardware.  20MHz Z80 CPU with GIDE interface, RTC, Banked RAM.  Includes Clock Control kit at no charge.
SmallZ-180 Upgrade to Z8S180 CPU @ 44MHz. $70 (4) Complete kit, less the EEPROM and 512K RAM ($6 each.)
Floppy + 2S Adapter kit (New Style) $60 Floppy and dual serial port adapter.  Mounts to the SmallZ80 mainboard or the Z180 CPU adapter. LAN adapter is optional.
LAN + ALFAT OEM/USB/SD Card kit (New Style) $55 The ALFAT daughterboards are obsolete and not readily available.  Carries optional LAN and ALFAT OEM, SD Card, or USB daughterboards.
TCP232 LAN Terminal daughterboard $30 Add-on to the expansion adapters above.  Can be added at any time.  Includes mounting hardware.  Provides lightening fast LAN-Based Terminal I/O @ 921K baud.
ALFAT OEM/USB/SD Card daughterboard $40 These daughterboards are obsolete and not readily available.  Gives read/write access to USB- or SD Card-based FAT file system.  Requires LAN+ALFAT Adapter.
Assembled & Tested - Mainboard (2) $15 For Mainboard assembly & testing.
Assembled & Tested - Expansion adapter (2) $10 For any of the Expansion adapter kits.
US Shipping: USPS Priority $10 Includes insurance and tracking #
Non-US Shipping: USPS Global Priority Varies Insurance extra - See note (3)


(1) Kit prices (US $) do not include shipping.  The final cost will include USPS shipping with tracking number and insurance, via Priority Mail.  Shipping outside the US is somewhat higher and will vary with the destination.

(2) "Assembled and Tested" does NOT mean plug it in, turn it on, and away you go.  You will still have to install it in a case, add a power supply, connect cables, and integrate your terminal.  What it DOES mean is that everything will work as advertised; support will be provided as necessary for you to complete the connection and integration of your terminal.

(3) USPS Global Priority works well - takes about two weeks to most destinations.  We've had no problems with many completed shipments.  Global Express is offered for those that want to get it a little faster.

(4) The Z180 upgrade uses the existing 512K SRAM and EEPROM in your SmallZ80.  A second SRAM is available ($6) that expands RAM to 1MB.  The existing EEPROM can be re-burned with the Z180 code by the user, but a replacement EEPROM is also available for $6.