SmallZ80 Downloads


This is the SmallZ80 Downloads page.

Note: If there's a link, you can download it.  For special configurations e-mail a request to:

File Date Description
SmallZ80 CF Image 07 Aug 2019 Original I/O Map - Full v2.02 CF (Final)
SmallZ80 Boot Floppy 07 Oct 2018 Original I/O Map Boot Floppy image 07-Oct-18 (Final)
SmallZ80 EEPROM 05 Aug 2019 Original I/O Map Distro EEPROM v2.02 (HEX & BIN) (Final)
SmallZ80 I/O Port Update 07 Nov 2020 Complete v2.03: CF image with EEPROM & I/O Decoder binaries.
SmallZ80 User Manual 24 Jan 2021 Latest User Manual PDF
SMZ Z180/Z80 EEPROM 05 Mar 2021 v4.00.05 -Z180/Z80 Combined.  Requires Port40 I/O Map update!
SMZ Z80 CF 05 Mar 2021 v4.00.05 - CF Image for Z80 CPU.  Requires Port40 I/O Map!
SMZ Z180 CF 05 Mar 2021 v4.00.05 CF Image for Z180 CPU.

- The EEPROM Download contains only the .HEX files for both CPU versions.

- The v2.02 CF image uses the original I/O Map - it can not be used with v2.03 (or higher) hardware.  Only SmallZ80 v2.03.00 or higher supports the new Memory Map.