P112 Services


To place an order:  Send an e-mail to this site, detailing the specific items you want to order and the USPS delivery address.  Within a day, you will receive a reply that details the total cost of your order, including shipping and payment information.  Payment can then be made via PayPal for all orders, or personal check/MO (for US orders only.)  The order will be shipped when payment is confirmed.  All products are on hand, ready for immediate shipping.

The new P112 Dual GIDE is ready for production, but PCBs are not on-hand.  Anyone interested in the Dual GIDE should e-mail us to place your name on our list.  When a sufficient number of pre-orders are taken, we'll place a PCB order.  The anticipated cost will be around $65.  In preparation for the change-over to the D-GIDE, we've lowered the cost of the original P112-GIDE.  Anyone that purchased the original GIDE will have an 'upgrade' option at a slightly reduced price.


Cost (1)


Dual GIDE Kit $55 A Dual GIDE kit specifically for the P112.  Includes all hardware necessary for mounting, instructions, and fully-configured B/P BIOS Boot disk.  Does not include IDE drive or cables. Handles 4 IDE devices.
4-Port LAN Adapter kit $120 Requires GIDE.  Requires EEPROM update for all machines.
Assembled and tested $15 D-GIDE or 4-Port LAN (3)
YOUR P112 Kit assembled and tested.  See note  (2) $30 Assemble and test YOUR P112 kit.  If I can't get it working, there is no charge (except shipping.)  Includes B/P BIOS Boot and Source Code disks.
128MB Compact Flash w/IDE adapter (5) $20 CF-IDE adapter - includes 5-partition, 128MB CF-IDE disk and all software (~16MB)
Dual 128MB CF-IDE Adapters (5) $35 Two CF-IDE adapters and two 128MB CF cards - Fast and silent dual-drive system
P112 ROM Update/Replacement. $10.00 Replacement Atmel 29C256 Boot ROMs.  Custom ROM code also available.  Required for original version P112s only.
Custom B/P BIOS images Varies (4) B/P BIOS Boot disk configured the way you want it, including drive map tables, partition tables, terminal I/O, RAM size and banking, etc.
P112 Repairs Varies (4) No charge (except return shipping) if I can't get your P112 working.
US Shipping: USPS Priority $10 Includes insurance and tracking #
Non-US: USPS Priority International Varies No insurance, no tracking #, no guarantees - See note (6)
Non-US: USPS Priority Express Int'l Varies Includes insurance and tracking # - See note (6)


(1) Prices (US $) do not include shipping.  Florida residents add 6.5% sales tax.  The final cost will include USPS shipping with tracking number and insurance, via Priority Mail.  Shipping outside the US is somewhat higher will vary with the shipping destination.  In both cases, you will be charged the shipping cost listed above.

(2) I do not actually offer the P112 kit.  You can order the P112 kit from David Griffith via his website.  In the "How do I get it" paragraph, use the drop-down menu to select "Terry...".  David will then ship to us for assembly and testing.  David recently started taking orders for another run of kits.

(3) "Assembled and Tested" does NOT mean plug it in, turn it on, and away you go. You will still have to install it in a cabinet, supply 3.5 floppy and IDE drives and cables, configure the BIOS for your drives, and integrate the terminal. What it DOES mean is that everything will work as advertised; support will be provided as necessary for you to complete the integration of your drives and terminal.

(4) Variable prices will be discussed and agreed upon prior to any work being performed.

(5) The Compact Flash/IDE adapter replaces the IDE hard drive.  Can be operated as either the Master or Slave IDE device.  Two adapters in a Master-Slave configuration is also possible.  All software and source code - about 16MB - is already on the CF memory card, ready to attach, insert, and boot.  Quieter, cooler, and maybe a tad bit faster than a standard hard drive.  CF-IDE adapters are not in stock, but are on order.  Contact the website for information.

(6) Overseas shipping costs vary with weight, destination, and package size - each order will receive a shipping estimate tailored to the destination and estimated size and weight.  USPS Priority Int'l starts at $20 and works well - we've had no problems with several overseas shipments.  Priority Express Int'l starts at $45 and is offered for those that want the insurance.  It's also advertised to be a little faster.