P112 Photos


This is the P112 with a 1MB RAM module, replacing the two 512K RAMs on the P112.  It has two 512K RAMs in the SOP surface-mount package style (second RAM is underneath.) You can see the 3-pin header in place of the battery holder used for an external battery:


This is the production P112 Dual-GIDE Printed Circuit Board:


The final 'Top Mount' assembly with P112 on the bottom, and two GIDE adapters stacked above it.  Note that the P112 battery holder has been removed and replaced with a three-pin right angle header for an external battery.  The primary GIDE adapter (middle PCB) handles two CF-IDE adapters with 128MB CF modules; the secondary GIDE (top PCB) handles a Seagate 850MB IDE drive and a 32x CDROM drive.  Supplied software allows you to read/copy files from a CD.  A backup program is being written that will copy the entire contents of both primary GIDE drives (Master and Slave) to the Master IDE drive on the secondary GIDE adapter.


The production 4-Port LAN adapter provides 4 LAN-based 10/100BaseT connections.  One connection is dedicated to Terminal I/O; the remaining three can be assigned as desired.  Uses can include Printer I/O and a general purpose data link between CP/M machines.  Very fast Terminal I/O!  We've tested a stack of adapters consisting of the P112, two GIDE adapters, plus the 4-Port LAN adapter - operations were flawless.  The P112 communicates directly with the 16C554 Quad UART, so all LAN operations 'look like' standard serial I/O to the P112.


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